Uus Festivaali is the first carbon negative music and arts festival in Finland

Uus Festival uses its profits for forest conservation. Conserved forest functions as a carbon storage, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This way we aim to negate more emissions than the festival produces. Conservation is done in collaboration with Ilmastometsä (Climate Forest Trust), a non-profit organization that uses crowdsourcing to purchase forests.

We want to spread information about climate change and provide a platform for grassroots climate action. To fight climate change, the future consumer habits need to change from acquiring things into acquiring services. Therefore people will spend more money to immaterial things, such as festivals. Thus we need to start thinking about how such services impact our climate.

Uus Festival is based on music, arts and science based discussions that together create a diverse festival. Our repertory is divided to digital as well as location-based performances and pieces which makes it possible to enjoy the festival program regardless of your location.